First, you must have Conda installed and create a dedicated conda environment:

(base)$ conda create -n tile


(base)$ conda activate tile

then install all requirements with:

(tile)$ conda install  -c conda-forge dxchange dxfile

and install tile

(tile)$ git clone
(tile)$ cd tile
(tile)$ python install


Besides the packases listed in requirements, tile uses tomopy or, if you have a GPU available in your system, tomocupy to perform the tomographic reconstruction after the stitching step.

Install tomocupy

Follow the tomocupu installation intruction:

(tile)$ conda install cupy scikit-build swig pywavelets numexpr astropy olefile opencv
  1. Install the pytorch pywavelets package for ring removal

(tile)$ git clone
(tile)$ cd pytorch_wavelets
(tile)$ pip install .
(tile)$ cd -
  1. Set path to the nvcc profiler (e.g. /local/cuda-11.4/bin/nvcc)

export CUDACXX=/local/cuda-11.4/bin/nvcc
  1. Install tomocupy

(tile)$ git clone
(tile)$ cd tomocupy-cli
(tile)$ python install

Install tomopy

To install tomopy tomopy/tomopy cli follow the tomopy install/tomopycli install instructions.

(tile)$ conda install -c conda-forge tomopy